Buzz King, Ph.D., M.Div.

My personal website is  I can be reached at

I’m a Professor Emeritus in the Computer Science Department at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

I still teach 3D animation there.

I am also a graduate of the Iliff School of Theology’s seminary.


Learn 3D Modeling and Animation

Please see the website for my textbook: 3D Animation for the Raw Beginner Using Maya.  It contains a number of free video tutorials on how to use Autodesk Maya.  My textbook can be found on Amazon.

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The Rest of this Site

This blog contains text-and-image tutorials on using Autodesk Maya, as well as a number of photos taken by me, my wife, my three grown kids, and Jared Katzman, someone I had the honor of working with a handful of years ago.

There are also text-and-image tutorials for Maya on the 3D Animation Tutorials tab of this site.

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