glass table rendered with Redshift

This is a redo of the materials and lights for the table previously rendered with Arnold.  I remade everything with Redshift.  It rendered in a tiny fraction of the time it took with Arnold, since Redshift is a GPU renderer and Arnold is a CPU renderer.

Look at arnold glass table (and the previous 3 renderings) for comparisons with Arnold.

Glass table, #2 HDR

Here is a different tabletop design for the glass table from previous postings, using beams that meet in the center, rather than having the glass held up by a rim around the perimeter of the table; the image has been rendered with Arnold in Maya.

Maya: A Moai

This is a Moai-like statue similar to those made roughly seven hundred to a thousand years ago on Rapi Nui.  The island was renamed Easter Island by Europeans when James Cook stumbled upon it on Easter Sunday.  The statues represented the ancestors of the indigenous people.  The statues were carved from sandstone in the face of a hillside quarry (thus they are flat-backed).  Then the Moais were cut out of the hillside, rolled on logs across the island, and mounted on altars, often on the coast of the island, facing inland.  The statues could be as high as 20 feet.

This was made in Maya with Arnold materials, rendered with Arnold.