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1st class food and the mess that is Athens

“Business First” food on United is really something else. I guess when you pay that much for a plane ticket (we used flight points to upgrade), they figure they should give you something besides just a trip across the ocean and a seat that reclines. Dinner consisted of:

  • Dish of hot roasted nuts.
  • Pick your own warm roll from a selection.
  • Appetizer of salami and melon (“You don’t want your appetizer? Can I get you another drink?)
  • Tossed salad. (Would you like another roll?)
  • Entree – Shrimp and bream fish with lobster sauce, lentils, and julienned vegetables; Buzz had chicken with white beans, greens and onions.
  • Cheese and grapes platter. (You don’t want your cheese? Can I get you something else?)
  • Ice cream with choice of hot fudge, caramel, whipped cream, nuts, strawberries, cherries. Or all of the above.
  • And of course all the alcohol you wish. We each had a beer…
  • Breakfast 6 hours later.

– Wendy

Athens is pretty down and out.  Many of the store fronts are empty and/or abandoned.  There is graffiti everywhere; there must be an army of kids with spray paint cans that come out every night.  There are piles of garbage bags that apparently have not been picked up in weeks or months – with men my age picking through the stuff and pulling out junk, presumably to sell.  Many of the shops that are open are selling stuff that looks like it was rescued from one of the garbage heaps.  -Buzz