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Making colored glass in Maya with Mental Ray

In this posting, we will make a colored glass door for the closet we used in some of the video tutorials on 3DbyBuzz.

Mental Ray glass material.

First, we go to Window on the Main Menu, then choose Rendering Editors, and then Hypershade.

Then we go to the list below the words “mental ray” in the hypershade and create an instance of a material called mia_material.


Coloring the glass.

We go to the Main window choose the preset GlassThin for our material, and we select Replace:


Then we click on the Refraction color and set it to a dark yellow:


Assigning it to the glass door.

Then we shift-select the four panes on our right hand door, go to the Hypershade, and then right click on the material and hit Assign Material to Selection.

The result.

Then we render with the Mental Ray renderer: